Like no other single event in the Bible, nothing teaches more about the Messiah and what he did for us than the Passover and the Passover Seder Meal. As the Master reclined at his last Seder with the Twelve Disciples, he took the cup and the unleavened bread and said, "Do this in remembrance of me." 

As his disciples, we are privileged to fulfill his commandment by annually celebrating the Festival of Unleavened Bread in remembrance of him. Our observance of the Feast is not optional for us. Rather it is a sacred charge the Master left in our hands on his last night with us before he suffered..

Kehilat Sar Shalom




Our Shabbat Morning Services are held Saturdays at 10:30 am. We begin with liturgical prayers at 10:30 followed by our Torah service at 11:00 am. You can call (651) 690-2941 for information about our study times. Everyone is welcome!


Shabbat Prayer: Saturday @ 10:30 am
Shabbat Worship: Saturday @ 11:00 am

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Kehilat Sar Shalom is a family-centered Messianic Community dedicated to teaching and living out the Jewish Roots of our faith in Messiah Yeshua. It is our goal to provide a place of fellowship and an atmosphere of spiritual growth for believers of every ethnicity. We strive to identify with our Jewish heritage through the celebration of the Word of God, its Feasts and instructions.


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