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The Book of Revelation

It is a well known fact that the book of Revelation is among the most misunderstood books of the Bible. The reason behind its misunderstanding is not so well known, but in actuality it is quite simple to explain: Revelation is a letter that was written to seven first-century congregations who understood its symbolism. Sadly however, by the time its contents were translated into the other languages of the world, its symbolism was lost among its new readers.

At Congregation Sar Shalom, Rabbi Farr has begun a study that puts the book back into its proper context. Without speculating dates and predicting timelines for the Messiah’s return, Rabbi Farr simply provides a clear and concise understanding of the first-century Judeo symbolism of the book.

In the very first chapter of the letter, John informs his audience that everyone who reads this book will be blessed. And yet, if we look back through the years of church history, we find that the contents of John's letter hasn't yielded the blessing he expected, but rather, it has caused people to go astray with disastrous results: People fearfully selling homes, stock piling food and weapons, forming cults, etc. These are all results of misunderstanding the Book of Revelation, and suffice it say, these things have not led to blessings.

By restoring the First Century understanding, Rabbi Farr's aim is to put the blessing back into the Book of Revelation. If you want to put the blessing back into Revelation, watch for a new lesson each week.


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