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Epistle to the Romans: v.2


I am not ashamed of the good news, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.    - Romans 1:16

Messianic Rabbi Stan Farr has said that few studies have been as life and perspective-changing as this study on Paul's letter.

If one is interested in Messianic Judaism, eventually they must come up with satisfying answers for some of the often-misunderstood statements of Paul, and nowhere are those issues addressed more directly than in his letter to the first-century believers in the church of Rome.

Is the Torah done away with? Is it incumbant upon Gentiles who come to faith in Yeshua to observe the entire oral Torah, or only the written law of Moses? Who determines halakah - the way to walk out our belief in the living Torah, Messiah Yeshua - for the congregations of Yeshua? How did Christianity come to adopt, historically, the practices and beliefs that would seem to put them at odds with the Jewish roots of their faith?

In this study by Messianic Rabbi Stan Farr, Paul's letter to the believers in Rome has finally been interpreted simply, clearly, and accurately. You will understand the good news of Messiah Yeshua at a level you may never have experienced before. Finally, you will understand how the Torah applies to you and what Yeshua has done to the Law.


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